Stauter Homes, Building Homes in Dane County

Welcome to Stauter Homes. Stauter Homes has been building homes in Madison and surrounding Dane County communities since 2005.

Stauter Homes has unique programs and services that lead to meeting the goals and objectives of our customers on a timely basis. Our Guaranteed Sale Program lets you focus on building your new, dream home, instead of worrying about selling your existing home. The bottom line at Stauter Homes is to have happy and fully satisfied customers.

Scott Stauter is a hands-on builder coordinating with sub contractors on a daily basis. Ron Stauter’s long term experience in home financing and home marketing can help you reach your objectives.

Our friends ask us "How did you do it?". In today's economy I'm not sure we could have sold our home and built a beautiful new home without working with Stauter Homes. The Guaranteed Sales Program of our current home gave us a safety net so we could build a new home with Stauter Homes. Gone was the possibility of being stuck with two mortgages if our current home did not sell. Without that dark cloud overhead, we were able to work with Scott on the details of our beautiful new home and couldn't be happier with he process and the end product.