Guaranteed Sale

Have you outgrown your present home?  Want to  make a housing change for whatever reason? You probably don’t want to commit to buying or building a new home until you know your present home is sold.  Stauter Homes has a solution to this dilemma; a Guaranteed Sale on your present home.

With “No Cost or Obligation” we will evaluate your present home and suggest:

  1. List Price
  2. Likely Open Market Sale Price
  3. Guaranteed Sale Price

If these figures are agreeable to you we will enter into a purchase agreement on one of our existing models or structure a building contract with your specifications. While your new home is being constructed we will vigorously market your present home and attempt to obtain a sale price that exceeds the guaranteed sale price. (We do not charge a commision for this service).  If your present home is not sold when your new home is ready for your occupancy, Stauter Homes will buy your present home at the guaranteed sale price.

We absolutely love our new home!  Every detail was taken care of and we've never had such a perfect home buying experience!  The entire Stauter team was simply amazing.

Nick & Ashley Ring